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Disaster Alert!!

Pakistan was hit by the wost earthquake in its history on 8th October, 2005.  I have compiled a list of useful weblinks for those working on rescue, relief and rehabilitation:

This Site provides and gathers Demographic, Disaster, Access, and Assistance data and maps on all Earthquake Affected Villages in Pakistan to Help Coordinate Relief Efforts

Pakistan-specific health related information on earthquake response

About Water and Sanitation in Disaster Situations

This book is designed to assist those involved in planning and implementing emergency sanitation programmes


Complete guides on all health related aspects of disaster mitigation and management


Training manual on Disaster Assessment, basically for UN system but useful for all


Large collection of electronic resources for disaster mitigation


Minimum Standards for Humanitarian Assistance


Engineering related information on earthquake relief


An exhaustive field guide on all sorts of disaster response (large file size)


Manual from India for training local level institutions for disaster management


UNCRD Community Based Disaster Management Guidelines


A reconstruction manual from India, focussing mainly on institutional and policy side


Training manual on Disaster Mitigation, basically for UN system but useful for all


Training manual on Reconstruction, basically for UN system but useful for all


Annotated list of links to a large number of disaster related websites


Guidelines on post disaster reconstruction