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Service Record

Aug 10 to date          As a Recovery Advisor for the United Nations Development Programme, Kyrgyzstan.  Responsibilities include:  providing programmatic and thematic advice to the Country Office for an effective response to the devastation caused by ethnic clashes in the south of the country; compiling an Early Recovery Framework inculcating peace building, conflict sensitivity and disaster risk reduction across the programme.  

Mar 09 to Mar 10       As a Programme Specialist - Early Recovery, for the United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office, Bangladesh.  Responsibilities include: fostering inter-agency coordination for disaster risk management; facilitating a common assessment and information methodology for needs assessment; facilitating information management for the capacity building of the national counterparts.


Oct 05 to Feb 09       As a Programme Officer for Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit, UNDP, Pakistan.  Responsibilities include: Designing, managing and monitoring various early earthquake recovery projects; maintaining liaison with the relevant UN, governmental and civil society organisations for a comprehensive implementation of recovery activities, chairing the Early Recovery and Reconstruction cluster.


May 05 to Jul 05       As a Social Assessment Specialist on the World Bank funded Land Record Management Information System Programme.  Responsible for assessing the efficiency, equity, sustainability and transparency related impacts of land records computerisation in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


Aug 04— Aug 05      As a (retainer) training specialist on the World Bank funded National Highway Improvement Project.   Responsible for design and delivery of training module comprising of: Legal and social aspects of land acquisition, resettlement and compensation for infrastructural development in Pakistan; Tools and approaches towards assessing the social and environmental impacts of the project from a gender equity perspective.


Nov 04 to Dec 04       As a Capacity Assessment Specialist for Child Protection and Empowerment of Adolescents section of UNICEF Pakistan.  This section seeks to develop the ten life skills of adolescents to empower them in general and to be in a position to avoid the risk of HIV/AIDS.  Responsibilities under the assignment included:

Assessing the capacity of select national NGOs, including project staff and trainers, to implement Life Skills Based Education models and other possible approaches as part of the EA project for in- and out-of-school adolescents according to internationally defined ‘good practice’. Specifically, capacity in the following areas was assessed:

Communication skills (esp. on HIV/AIDS); Use of participatory teaching/training methodologies; Mainstreaming of activities with other partners, government and UNICEF programmes

Identifying, reviewing, and analysing negative and positive factors (both internal and external) influencing NGOs partners’ ability to adapt their existing projects with the new EA project objectives;

Critically reviewing and analysing the contents of selected material used by partners to implement their programmes against ‘good-practice’ modules as provided by UNICEF.

Identify possible good practices from the current NGOs projects to be integrated with the new EA project.


Jun 04 to Nov 04      As a Capacity Building Specialist for the Asian Development Bank funded “Balochistan Resource Management Programme”.  This Programme is aimed at creating sustainable fiscal space with province to alleviate poverty through improved social services delivery and natural resource conservation.  Responsibilities include:

Carrying out a capacity assessment of the stakeholders under a structural adjustment loan to the provincial government;

Assessing the strength of various training service providers as potential training contractors;

Preparing a prioritised action plan for capacity development of public and voluntary sector stakeholders


Nov 03 to Jun 04       As a Capacity Building Specialist for the Asian Development Bank funded “Institutional Strengthening of Government-NGO Cooperation” project.  Responsibilities included:

Reviewing the level and nature of Government-NGO cooperation in Pakistan;

Carrying out a needs assessment for the capacity building of government and NGO functionaries;

Chalking out and initiating implementation of a strategy for building the capacity of relevant stakeholders for government-NGO cooperation for poverty alleviation and good governance


Mar 03 to Oct 03       As a Capacity Building Specialist for Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Pakistan.  Responsibilities included:

Conceptualisation and implementation of an organisational development package, entailing the capacity building of training staff;

Writing grant proposals for various donor organisations;

Overseeing and implementing a training programme for the officials of Ministry of Women Development under Gender Reform Action Project of Asian Development Bank.


Nov 02 to Dec 02     As the Planning Economist for Refugee Hosting Areas Rehabilitation Project, UNDP/UNHCR.  Responsibilities included:

Gathering of information regarding the economic, social and environmental impact of Afghan refugees’ presence in Pakistan;

Preparation of a Programme Support Document for participatory community development to mitigate the impact;

Identification and prioritisation of areas of intervention


Aug 01 to Sep 02     As the Team Leader for Crisis Prevention and Recovery Unit, United Nations Development Programme, Pakistan on the JICS funded Drought Relief Assistance Project in Sindh and Balochistan provinces.  Responsibilities included:

Leading a team of Monitoring Officers in preparing and executing the monitoring plans for relief goods’ supply to the drought affected areas of Sindh and Balochistan provinces;

Liaison with the international, national and provincial government agencies involved in the relief operation;

Day to day management and supervision of office correspondence and accounts;

Preparation and submission of monitoring reports to the donor agency


Jun 01                    As a consultant with Disaster Management Unit, United Nations Development Programme, Pakistan.  Responsibilities included:

Obtaining, analysing and processing of information related to the impact of drought on the economy of Balochistan, collected by Planning and Development Department, Government of Balochistan;

Writing the narrative report based on the information;

Drawing conclusions for the future action in drought relief

Apr 01 to May 01     As a consultant with Oxford Policy Management on Pakistan Participatory Poverty Assessment Project.  Responsibilities included:

Setting up of Planning Commission Resource Centre for the staff of Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan, to facilitate research on poverty;

Downloading, printing and classification of 200 articles on poverty related subjects from the World Wide Web;

Preparing an annotated list of poverty related websites on the World Wide Web

Selection and procurement of books and other printed material on the subjects related to poverty;

Training of Planning Commission staff on using the Resource Centre archives as well as the Internet for searching poverty related information.


Feb 01                    As a Resource Person for Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Pakistan.  Responsibilities included:

Preparation and delivery of training module on Community Development;

Facilitation of experiential learning for a group of associates from 12 countries;

Facilitation of field visits

Jun 2k to Dec 2k     As the Team Leader, Social Assessment Study, for UNDP funded Area Development Programme Balochistan.  This participatory research project aimed at identifying the impacts of water scarcity in Balochistan on the overall social fabric with particular focus on the poor, marginalized and weaker sections of society including women.  Job responsibilities included:

Preparation of research design, concept paper and project plan;

Selection of PRA tools for the research;

Identifying geographical and thematic research areas;

Recruitment and training of staff;

Supervising a team of professionals including Researchers, Information Management Specialist, Facilitation Specialist and International Advisor in day to day field activities;

Arranging stakeholders’ workshops for policy makers;

Preparing interim and final reports


Apr 2k to Jun 2k      As an Information Management Specialist, in a voluntary capacity, for Relief Forum Balochistan.  This forum is a voluntary international civil society group working on drought relief activities in arid zones of Balochistan, Pakistan.  Work responsibilities included:

Facilitating the formation and implementation of a joint working strategy between local, national and international organisations working for drought relief;

Setting up a Management Information System for managing the drought impact and relief information from all over the province;

Dissemination of information to media, government and civil society at large;

Liaison between the donors, intermediary organisations, government and target communities to ensure efficient, equitable and transparent distribution of relief supplies and services


Feb 99 to Nov 99     As a Training Manager for Cameos Consultants on Institutional Development Component of Balochistan Irrigation Department.  This World Bank funded component seeks to restructure this government agency to transform its role into a technical services provider through community participation from that of a constructor of irrigation schemes.  Job responsibilities included:

Preparation of strategic plan for human resource development of the department;

Supervision of a team of sectoral experts in the fields of civil engineering, economics, community development and farmer training for preparation of training modules for the officers of the department;

Preparation of  training schedules;

Supervision of delivery of training modules;

Monitoring and evaluation of the programme;

Formulation of a strategy to select engineers for on-the-job training programme


Mar 98 to Dec 98     As a short term consultant with the World Bank funded Balochistan Community Irrigation and Agriculture Project (BCIAP), in the capacity of Farmers’ Organisation Specialist.  Job responsibilities included:

Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the Farmers’ Organisations (FOs) organised by the project;

Evaluating the impact of various training packages and other organisational processes imparted to the FOs and identifying the gaps;

Getting involved in participatory designing and improving of training modules for FOs;

Developing a strategy for strengthening of local water use institutions;

Making efforts to inculcate farmers’ institutional water use rules in the proposed Balochistan Irrigation and Drainage Authority (BIDA) act, under consideration by the Government of Balochistan


Jan 98                    As a short term consultant for Halcrow Rural Management (HRM), Swindon, UK for the collection of secondary information on development scene in Balochistan, for the proposed Balochistan Rural Development Project (BRDP), to be funded by the Asian Development Bank


Feb 97 to Dec 97     As an NGO & Gender Coordinator for IUCN-The World Conservation Union, on the Dutch funded Balochistan Conservation Strategy (BCS) project .  Job responsibilities included involving civil society institutions in the sustainable development of Balochistan by:

Facilitating the creation of an enabling environment for the NGOs within the government;

Facilitating the networking of NGOs for sharing of information and lobbying on certain issues;

Facilitating dialogue between the state, private and voluntary sectors;

Conducting workshops on various thematic and sectoral issues at grass-root as well as the policy levels;

Training needs’ assessment of NGOs in the fields of general and specific capacity;

Review of various policy documents relating to the civil society;

Gender Appraisal and Impact Assessment of all the project processes and products


Aug 92 to Aug 95     As a Social Organiser  for the Technical Assistance Team of the World Bank and KfW funded  Balochistan Minor Irrigation & Agricultural Development Project (BMIADP).  Job responsibilities included involvement in :

Carrying out Socio-economic surveys;

Preparation of feasibility reports;

Technical, economic and environmental appraisal for the improvement of farmer managed small irrigation systems throughout Balochistan;

Appraisal of gender related issues


The activities of a Social Organiser in the project required formation, capacity building and activation of Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) to practise sustainable agricultural development through community participation.